Thank you for visiting our website.  Ronald Bland Builders was formed in 1987, incorporated in 1995, the very same year my wife Ashley and I were married.  Prior to that time, I worked in my father’s thriving building business in Rockingham, NC, after attending UNC-Chapel Hill in the 1970s.  When the building industry in Richmond County waned in the late 1980s due to various manufacturing job losses, I decided it was time for a change.  After struggling through the early 90’s I finally determined a move to Brunswick County was needed.  It then became a matter of timing, as my youngest son Jody was scheduled to graduate from Richmond Senior High School in June of 1995.


Following our marriage in Hawaii, my dream was culminated.  My new bride and I arrived home after our honeymoon, then packed up and departed to begin our new life together as residents of Ocean Isle Beach.


Since those humble beginnings, our business has grown tremendously.  The company purchased an assortment of new construction equipment and trucks as we built and sold our homes.  A new office, along with the latest computer aided design system (CADD) and fresh office equipment came to pass in the early 2000’s as we moved our business out of our home.


Coinciding with that, my son Jody moved out from the jobsite and into the design field. Our design department is now able to take sketches from “napkin” scribble to a finished construction design completely in-house.  The CADD system also gives us the confidence that we supply our customers with the best possible value available bar none.  With it also comes the added benefit of reducing any costly confusion or errors with up to the minute accurate reproductions.  Our sub-contractors are elated.


Our office consists of the following employees;  Ronald Bland, President and General Contractor;  Ashley Bland, Vice President;  Larry Locklear, jobsite foreman, finish and trim carpenter;  Geri Fidura, secretary and design coordinator.  My Son Jody Bland unfortunately for us now only works part time, as his civil engineering degree is being exercised with Phil Norris at Norris, Kuske, & Tunstall Inc. in Wilmington.


Please take the time to wander through our site and see some of the homes we have recently built. We are available for your questions and comments either online, phone or fax.


Thank you,    


Ronald K. Bland